5 Year Publication Plan to Success

In an earlier post, I mentioned how authors usually have a publication plan. As a new author myself, I thought I would try out this exersize. I found this tool to be very helpful, so I decided to include it in this week’s post as an example. Check it!

This publication plan describes my needs and challenges in developing and publishing my young adult novel, Runt, within the next five years. Categorized by year, this long-range action plan will serve as a comprehensive guide that lists specific objectives, plans and actions. Overall, this publication plan provides an outline for my writing and publication progress in the upcoming years.

Objective: Outline:
Plan: Create a comprehensive outline of the novel in 1 month.
• Week 1: Write a summary of the novel and character biographies.
• Week 2: Plot the known scenes of the novel.
• Week 3: Fill in the holes of the outline.
• Week 4: Create a chapter by chapter guide of events. Evaluate outline, looking for areas of improvement.
Objective: Research:
Plan: Answer the following pivotal questions and begin the book proposal.
• Who will buy my book?
What books are similar to the one I’m writing?
• How is my book special?
Objective: Construct Writing Schedule:
Plan: Create deadlines in order to complete the first draft of a novel in a year.
• Divide a calendar year by the chapter outline.
• Recruit someone to keep me accountable to my calendar.
Objective: Budget finances and time:
Plan: Determine how I will find time to write while holding a day job.
• List my expenses.
Determine how many hours I must work a week.
Designate the remaining available time during the week for writing.
Evaluate feasibility and make appropriate changes.

Objective: Construct first draft:
Plan: Write the first draft.
• Adhere to weekly and monthly writing goals and deadlines.

Objective: Construct final draft:
Plan: Revise the first draft.
• Divide a calendar year by the chapter outline to create a revision schedule.
• Copy-edit the manuscript.

Objective: Obtain a publisher:
Plan: Market the manuscript and myself.
• Write a book proposal.
• Write an author’s profile.
• Network within my circles to find any industry connections.
• Mail off my manuscript.
• Evaluate offers.
• Select a publisher and negotiate a contract.

Objective: Promote Book Sales:
Plan: Market the book.
• Develop an webpage for my book and myself as the author.
• Set up events such as book signings, speeches, radio and television interviews.
• Set up a book tour, if finances allow.

By composing my publishing plan, I now have a clear outline that will serve me in the next five years as I work toward my goal of publication. Approaching every year with a defined plan and executable actions, I expect to achieve every yearly objective and arrive at my end goal.

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