Inappropriate sharing, keyword inclusion and poorly constructed blog posts are criticisms of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Despites these concerns, I think SEO has merits if used wisely.

I am new to social media, and perhaps this colors my perspective. As someone who wants to increase their blog’s presence, SEO is very interesting. It is great to know that certain keywords will help establish the topic of my blog. Also, if I generate content that lends itself to sharing, I can find more followers. However, it is important to be educated on SEO. For example, I will not misuse keywords. I will also not make fake accounts to share my own content. Frankly, that would be sad. I believe this use of social media would tick off audiences.

People can spot a trick. Trust can be taken away in a matter of moments and is very difficult to rebuild. I believe one will not be tempted to go to the dark side manipulation of SEO as long as they focus on being true to their blog’s purpose. I like Matt Gemmell’s view that SEO should be natural, growing out of content that is “trustworthy, genuine and relevant.” I will explain what these guidelines look like in the context of SEO.

Titles should relate to the subject of the blog post. They should not be keywords slapped over unrelated content. This would be misleading.

A blog that is only focused on being seen is one that is not focused on their purpose or connecting with their current following on a deeper level. Like cancer, they only care about growing. Such blogs have lost sight of themselves and their audience.

Posting often establishes relevance. A good blog listens to the environment around them and responds. Keywords throw on non-relevant material will not be sufficient or fool anyone for very long. The fake sharing of content is not a good way to attempt to make older material new again. The blog that is active will be seen as an informed voice, rather than a repetitive one.

Overall, I believe SEO can be effective, if used responsibly.

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