Self-publishing, at least to me, seems mysterious. It’s an alternative option; one that begs an author to change his/her stripes and become a marketer, designer and editor. But what are one’s options in self-publishing? In this week’s post, I want to share what I learned about the world of self-publishing.

Are You Ready to Self-Publish?
Before moving forward, let’s check our lists. Have you…
1) Researched- Have you looked at titles that deal with your subject matter? Have you investigated your book’s competitions? Publishing is hard, but it’s even harder to publish a book that goes head to head with one currently on the shelves.
2) Have you designed the cover and format of your book? Or, have you found a designer?
3) Is your book edited? Is it a camera ready copy? Are you positive?
4) Have you chosen a publishing platform?

Number 4 is the tricky part. In self-publishing, authors have three options: Vanity, Print-On-Demand, and EBook. Let’s explore these options more deeply.

Vanity Publishing, in which the author pays the publisher to print the book. This is an expensive option. The publisher takes care of the actual printing. The author does not have to store their manuscripts, but will be expected to handle marketing.

Print-On-Demand, in which the author prints his/her book. Such books must be presented in camera ready copy. Certain printers, such as book machines, will print such on demands book at a rate of $0.01 a page. The author has control over content and pricing in this option. However, the author also has to handle copy writes, ISBNS, shipping, and marketing. The authors may have to store these books themselves with this option, though they have the option to pay others to handle these tasks. In particular, this route could be very expensive.

E-Book, in which a book remains in a digital copy. This option has no upfront costs and easily incorporates graphics, audio and video. There are no page limitations or need for storage. This format enables easy distribution and gives the author a high earning potential. Of course, competitive pricing and marketing are concerns in this style of publishing.

Hopefully this post helped clarify some options for the aspiring, self-published authors! Good luck!

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