Class Post #7

What content categories do you and your friends like to see? (For instance, do you find yourself looking at a lot of lists on sites such as Buzzfeed?)
What type of content do you prefer? (enjoy reading blogs? What about watching videos or looking at infographics?)
Why do you like this content?
What kind of content does not appeal to you as much? How can that content be changed to be more interesting to you?

Content-wise, I defiantly prefer targeted content over the other options. I enjoy when my social media understands my interests and priories such news in my feed. I do not have much time to spend on the internet, so having my interests organized and prioritized is a huge time saver. Of course, my friends are not necessarily the same as me. Many of my friends prefer comedy and spend their time on sites like or searching for viral videos. One YouTube channel that happens to be very popular with my friends is Jenna Marbles, a young comedic who takes a unique approach on debating modern issues like the Meaning of Halloween or Chivalry. Other friends like Pintrest, or List sites. When one is surfing the web, there is definite appeal of having one map that includes a collection of links. I find Twitter to operate in this way, which allows people to peruse a list of interests and select something to investigate further.

As far as content type, I love info graphics. To me, this form balances straightforward text with demonstrative, instructional images and increases understanding of complex topics. Info graphics also allow for color, art and creativity to be utilized. To me, these vidual aids are reminiscent of those found in textbooks, and are as effective. Info graphics are a more entertaining piece to study and learn from. One way info graphics can be enhanced is if they were embedded with links for more information in the area of the step/part. While info graphics provide much information, it is best to include as much of it as possible without muddling the visual artifact.

Video is one content type I discover issues with. I find one problem with video is that buffering can become annoying if the Wi-Fi signal is not strong. Of course, a compromise is to lower the video’s resolution in this instance, which muddles the information being presented. Also, one must look for headphones if they do not want to distract others while they watch the video. Also, plugins are commonly outdated which slows down the consumption of this media.

One thought on “Class Post #7

  1. I really don’t have a lot of free time to spend on the internet so having a plan and knowing where you like to get your content is important. I really like to get my information from videos but you make a great point that waiting for them to load can be quite annoying and time consuming.

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