Class Post # 6

The organization I wrote about in week 7 was the Muse ( The Muse describes its purpose as “Everything you need to find your dream career – & be awesome at it.”
The Muse has its own website, Facebook and Twitter. After reading the article from the Business Insider, I believe I now understand the reasoning behind these choices. Though the Muse offers helpful career advice for everyone to take advantage of, it does seem directed toward
the inexperienced employees who are looking for tips on how to get ahead or are considering career changes or graduate school. Younger employees are more likely to internalize the insights and advice offered in these articles over mature employees who already developed their own methods. This emphasis on beginning or developing careers also explains the Muse’s Twitter site, a social media platform that skews toward the younger crowd.

This week, I was reading Marie Claire and came across  an interview with the creator of the Muse, among other startup companies and up-and-coming professionals. I think this reinforces the target audience for the Muse; It is focused on young, creative professionals.

In regards to my personal interest, I think the power users would likely be Writers Digest and Publishers Weekly, which are pretty much regarded as the authority in the writing market. Though mid-list authors are not necessarily a mission of these two voices, when a mid-list author shows up on these websites it can be considered a great feat. I think it’s important to read through their updates on all things writing in order to find recent material that mid-list authors need to know.

As the publishing industry is rapidly changing, it is important to jeep apace with any happenings at the corporate conglomerate level as these changes may eventually trickle down to the smaller authors and publishers.

Power users that are passionate about mid-list authors are Indie Bound, and Small Press Distributors. Because these users are dedicated to this smaller industry, they have an important role its market by offering commenting on mid-list authors, providing free marketing for this subject.



One thought on “Class Post # 6

  1. I’ve never heard of The Muse actually, so I appreciate that you wrote about it because now I can go find out more about it, it sounds interesting and I like how you made the connections between which platforms they use because of their target audience.

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