Mid-list Book Review: Samantha Shannon’s The Bone Season: A Novel

Mid-list Book Review: Samantha Shannon’s The Bone Season: A Novel

About: In the year 2059, crime is committed with and through clairvoyant powers. Paige Mahoney, a 19 year-old woman involved with the criminal society, The Seven Seals, breaks into the minds of others to discover lucrative information. Catching the attention of a species called the Raphaite; she is captured and enslaved to the mysterious Warden, whose intentions are unclear. Paige must challenge this new fight for her freedom and safety of her friends.

Review: Even with maps and diagrams included in the foremost pages of the book, it is complex and at times, plain confusing. Shannon sets up an external world where governments have layers. The protagonist, Paige Mahoney, starts as a part of the criminal underworld, falls into the hands of Scion, a totalitarian government, and then is enslaved by a new species, the Raphaite. Inside the social hierocracy of the Raphaite, Paige must prove herself through a series of challenging tests that further develop her powers. While the external environment of the book is intricate, Paige’s ability to enter minds and dreamscapes of others also moves the reader into the world of the characters’ minds. Though The Bone Season is deeply, deeply imagined, I did not feel frustrated or willing to give up. It is a story filled with action, fantasy and romance. In a dystopian world, Paige’s powers are both her salvation and death sentence. While the setting of London as a totalitarian state is interesting enough, the involvement of the Raphaite complicates the plot in a most compelling way. It’s a story to get lost in-the good kind of lost.

Author: Samantha Shannon was born in 1991 and is an Oxford graduate-so be inspired. She also has her own blog where she discusses current news about her book as well as its development. I strongly recommend fellow authors, inspiring authors, and readers to check it out!

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing is an independent house with companies in London, New York, Sydney and New Delhi. Bloomsbury publishes academic, adult and children’s literature. It was first established in 1986.


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