Class post #4

I’m always looking to be inspired, which is why my favorite website
right now is the The Muse is full of helpful career and
life advice, featuring articles that range from switching career
fields to time management to new recipes to try out. Some articles are
written by the staff at the Muse, while others originate from outside

The Muse currently hosts informative and motivational articles from
other bloggers, fearing some of the most compelling content on the
web. The Muse also acts as a medium between me and bloggers in my
prospective career fields, thus connecting me with people who I could
learn much from and continue to follow. The Muse also lists job
openings at great corporations (ProjectRED, Pintrest, etc.) on a
weekly basis, as well as describing different career fields so that
readers can gain a better idea of the positions in question. I like
that the Muse is designed to improve the lives of its readers by
encouraging new ideas through the content it hosts.

Unique to the Muse are its free classes (Muse University), designed to
better prepare individuals for the workplace. When I have a free
moment, I look at the Muse and find valuable information that will
help me succeed in my professional and personal goals. The Muse also
takes advantage of Twitter, using its easily navigational style to
host links to more insightful articles

I think the main drawback to Muse is that its “Hub of Information”
set-up makes interaction with its readers difficult. While I’ve seen
the Muse give thanks to commenters for reading/commenting on Twitter,
I do not see this back and forth on its main website. At the end of
each article that is written by a staff member is his/her biography
and picture. Though this does humanize the brand slightly, I think
other brands have been more successful in creating a strong
personality for its brand- a characteristic I do not feel from the

If I worked for the Muse, I would use more personality to make the
brand stand out. I would be very energetic and motivational in my
descriptions of other articles and definitely create more interaction
with readers by hosting contests where they can submit career/life
tips and be featured on the site.


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