Class Post #3- My feelings about Twitter

I love Twitter. The updates are short enough that my page is completely scannable. I do not have to waste time on every update from the companies/people I follow; I just find the news that interest me and move on. Because of the character limit, I know that I will be able to discern the point of an update in a matter of seconds.  In that way, I believe Twitter does function as a news broadcasting website. Its timely updates also help me keep up on the latest industry news. I love that I can log on and see the news I care about and read them immediately. I can read about a favorite author’s new book and then read about marketing tips and what’s going on at a conference. Once I brush up on a topic, I can move onto the next. Like Carr claimed, I feel like this system helps me have an understanding of pertinent news at all times.

I also like that I do not have to actually know people to follow them. As a young professional, I am trying to learn and adopt the habits of successful, mature professionals who have proved themselves in their fields. Twitter provides me with insight to the lives of the people I admire.

 I believe that I can learn how to use Twitter to build my own personal brand. For example, many companies will follow you if you follow them. That is an easy way to build an audience for a novice social media professional such as myself. The option of re-tweeting is wonderful as it gives me room to say why I like something and think it’s important, allowing me to make the news my own, in a way. By re-tweeting other content and commenting often on the stories of businesses I would like to be involved with, I believe I will be able to get my name out there a little more. I am hopeful that Twitter will allow me to network with people I otherwise would never meet.

Twitter seems to crash often, however, which is frustrating. Other than that inconvenience, I feel positively toward Twitter.


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