On The Hunt

This past weekend, I followed my own advice and went on a mission to find a book published through a smaller press, and to buy it from an independent bookstore. So it was that last Saturday morning that I ventured away from my comfort zone of Barnes and Noble and found myself at Bookworks.

Bookworks is one of two independent bookstores (Shout out to Page1 Bookstore) in my hometown of Albuquerque, NM. Inside, the mid-sized store is full of books. While the basic tenets and sections of a bookstore were present (bestsellers, young adult, poetry, etc.) unique to this independent bookstore is a large section of Southwest writing, local authors and poets, and autographed books. It was exciting to rifle through the local authors section and see the creativity of our community. While I was browsing, I shamelessly eaves dropped on a conversation between a clerk and a local author about the shipment of his books. It was inspiring to hear that he was refilling an order and want to autograph the few remaining copies.

While I enjoyed flipping through pieces belonging to the local talent and landscape, I was attracted to a Samuel Satten’s “League of Somebodies”.  “League of Somebodies” is published by Dark Coast Press, located in Seattle Washington. Already, the attitude of this small press makes me believe they will not succumb to the pressures of the publishing industry nowadays, instead boldly claiming to “publish books they like”.

It’s easy to see why they would like “League of Somebodies” given the premise. This novel tells the story y of Nemo, son of a man who was raised on plutonium in the hopes of becoming a superhero. Nemo finds himself in a fight for justice as everything he loves it put in danger. I look forward to reading this exciting adventure!

When I was cashing out, the friendly clerk informed me of a book party they were having for the novel Night Circus. Because of her approachable demeanor, I asked her about small presses in New Mexico. She gave me information on a very valuable website: small press distributors. More on this lead to come!


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