Local Bookstores- Treasure Chests

Hopefully, the idea of reading a lesser known book by a lesser known author piques your fancy. After all, who doesn’t want to find a diamond in the rough? Perhaps even a book written by a local author? Or, perhaps the idea of shopping local will allow you to give back to your community and give your business to a mom and pop store rather than a giant conglomerate.

Whatever your inspiration, the first step if your treasure hunt is to find the X on the map- what and where are your local book stores? In my hometown there is two, and there is always something happening at each venue. Many local bookstores now have webpages and lists of calendar of events, such as the promotion of local authors and perhaps even some reading sessions. This could be a wonderful opportunity to find a great but little-known book, and even meet the author.

If you don’t know where your local bookstores are, do not feel embarrassed. This is an exciting start to a new adventure. Simple information searches or the utilization of websites like IndieBound.com will help you find your way!

Whether you are searching for a bestseller or older title, you will be surprised by the number and range of books your local bookstore can carry. Even bestselling authors will offer a discount to book purchases made through local bookstores, so it is important to not believe that local bookstores will be necessarily more expensive.

In addition, if the book you are looking for is not available, your local bookstore can order it for you. Though this may seem like a slight hassle, it is still great to be patient in an effort to sustain your local economy and give your business to a smaller bookstore. It is likely these smaller bookstores will have a large role in the future of the publishing industry. As the bigger publishers will continue to produce titles by bestselling authors or genre books with large fan basis, smaller bookstores should feature books published by smaller houses. By giving business to the smaller stores, market share will be taken from the larger companies.

Shopping at local bookstores support the national and local economy, as well as local authors. Have an adventure, go to your local bookstore for new finds!


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