The Underdogs (And Why We Should Root for Them)

It doesn’t make sense to not read a bestseller, the book that everyone is reading. After all, aren’t the bestsellers the most deserving of our time and money? Of the advertising and talk-show promotions and hoopla?  Shouldn’t we read the bestsellers because they are the best?

Indeed, bestsellers make large profit for a reason. They are high-list books, ranging from solid genres, debut and established authors. While these bestsellers may deserve the spotlight of being featured at the front of Barnes and Noble or on Amazon’s website, they are not necessarily the only books worth reading.

“Midlist” is the term supplied to authors published by smaller presses that cannot afford such heavy marketing, but are not necessarily less deserving of the attention. While major publishing houses, facing new economic concerns in the era of speed printing and e-books, are fixated on profit and swoon over the prospect of “a sure thing”, midlist books are often overlooked.

Albeit a small light, this blog seeks to shine on the works of midlist authors, as well as the unique issues they encounter in the changing world of publishing. And after all, who doesn’t love an underdog?

Root for them. Read them.


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